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God's Church
                       Our House

God's Church
               Our House
2018 -2019
Capital Campaign

What is God's Church, Our House Capital Campaign and what is the primary objective?​​​

God's Church, Our House is a campaign to raise a substantial amount of money.

The primary objective of the campaign os to raise funds to make major repairs to the exterior and interior of the church.

What are the specific needs being addressed by the campaign?

There are NINE specific needs addressed in the campaign of which five are primary and four are secondary, if the campaign surpasses its primary capita funding objective:

Primary Objective:

  • Repair of Exterior Masonry of Church & Stairs
  • Repair Wheelchair accessable Ramp
  • Repair of CHurch Interior Ceiling
  • REpair of Interior Walls and Columns
  • Paint and Retouch Interior Walls and Ceiling

Secondary Objective:
  • Painting of Interior Church Sanctury
  • Improve air venting of lower level community room of church
  • Repair and Pave Exterior Church Premises
  • Repair Stained Glass Windows

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Exterior Weather Deterioration
Exterior damage ​
Interior has suffered from leaks and water damage.
100 Years can do this and more! Help us rebuild and stop the damage

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Water leaking from the ceiling is now seeping to the lower level of the church enterior
Exterior damages are now affecting the enterior of the church

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